Mitchell + Tim in 2.05

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Tom on the message of The Pirate Fairy [x]


you know it’s real when you watch interviews longer than 10 minutes

Who the hell is Bucky?

so long live the reckless and the bravea Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes fanmix

i. The Reckless and the Brave – All Time Low  ii. Guiding Light – Muse  iii. No Surrender – Bruce Springsteen  iv. Whatshername – Green Day  v. Wrong – Depeche Mode  vi. Leave Out All the Rest – Linkin Park  vii. Bleeding Out – Imagine Dragons  viii. Duality – Slipknot  ix. After the War – Young Guns  x. Cosmic Love – Florence + The Machine  xi. St. Jimmy – Green Day  xii. Gunslinger – Avenged Sevenfold xiii. Shadow of the Day – Linking Park  xiv. What I’ve Done – Linkin Park 

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If Margaery Tyrell thinks to cheat me of my hour in the sun, she had bloody well think again.

Okay. This looks bad.

Marvel Comics Meme: Characters [7/10]
Natasha Romanova/Black Widow